Our Product Range is Dropping - Here's Why.

If you're a regular visitor to T-Shirtsauce Australia for The Mountain T-Shirts, you may have noticed our range of designs has dropped a lot - here's the reason why:

Unfortunately The Mountain is changing the way they do business. No longer are they keeping each design in stock and ready to ship, they are cutting down stock in their warehouse. Many of the designs they offer are now moving to what they call POP or Print on Purchase

What that means for us.

Since 2005, we have retailed The Mountain products, processed them through the U.S. wholesale warehouse, shipped them to Australia in bulk by FedEx and sent them out from Sydney, to our Aussie customers.

Pre-pandemic, our turn around time was 5-7 days. During the pandemic, delays at the U.S. end with order processing meant that our processing time became anywhere from 10 days to 18 business days.

POP basically means more delays. The Mountain has just moved 100s more designs to POP status - we've found when orders are printed on demand (or on purchase), the delay is even longer with processing these items and by the time they reach Sydney now, it may be a month or longer from the time you've ordered. That is too long.

Please understand, this is not our choice - it's also not the way we'd like to do business, so today we have hidden all products The Mountain has changed to Print on Purchase - we won't be selling those on T-Shirtsauce Australia.

What it means for the future. (Updated 26th January 2021)

We have decided to reduce the T-Shirtsauce Australia range only to items we can stock on the shelf. We have ordered in some base stock in adult sizes Medium (fits AU XS-Small) to USA 5XL (fits AU 8XL) in some designs from each category. When they come in, our product line will be reduced to what we stock on the shelf. If you want to special order items in, you'll need to email us and ask us to do so.

Thank you for reading and all the best for 2021.

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