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Pug Face T-Shirt - Viral T-Shirt Designs

Viral T-Shirt Designs - The Classic Pug Face T-Shirt

The Mountain t-shirts have had a few designs go viral online, here is easily one of the most popular - the Pug Face T-Shirt! This design is in the "big face" 3D style and features a tan/fawn coloured pug face in an enormous print on the front of the shirt. The pug being a hugely popular breed, it was already a popular seller but then memes started popping up on sites such as Reddit.

The most notable is the Man wearing a pug t-shirt while the pug wears a t-shirt with a picture of the man on it. Another is the pug t-shirt selfie image. As these things go, photoshoppers get involved and then you have all sorts of variations on the image! We have some of the most common images shared around Reddit and humour sites online displayed here.

One thing is for certain, these memes were a hit with the internet community and it made the pug face t-shirt one of the most popular shirts available online for a few years. For all of our variations in pugly goodness, check out our range of adults and childrens pug t-shirts here.