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American Bald Eagle T-Shirts - Featured T-Shirt Subjects

About American Eagle T-Shirts

One bird that features prominently on The Mountain t-shirts is the American Bald Eagle. The National bird of the United States of America, the bald eagle has been captured in amazing designs by many t-shirt artists over the years.

The bald eagle is the only eagle that is unique to North America, it's range includes the United States, Canada, Alaska and Northern Mexico. It is a sea eagle that feeds mostly on fish that it catches from the water with it's talons - an impressive feat we must say!

A striking looking bird, it's yellow beak, white head & neck and brown feathers are immediately recognisable. The bird appears on the Official Seal of the USA and has become an iconic symbol of pride in the United States of America.

Just a few of the eagle t-shirts for adults and children we sell on T-Shirtsauce Australia are shown here, to view all eagle t-shirts (and other amazing bird designs), click here.

American eagle t-shirts have been some of our most popular selling designs over the years, especially the 3D style eagle face t-shirt after it appeared on a snack food commercial in Australia! We hope to see new designs coming from The Mountain T-Shirts in the future featuring this majestic bird.