Bloody Oath Australian Flag T-Shirt - Size 3XL (Fits 2XL)

Bloody Oath Australian Flag T-Shirt - Size 3XL (Fits 2XL)

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Processing Times: We stock our products in a warehouse in Belrose, NSW. They dispatch within 0-2 business days. Announcement Regarding Stock Levels: After 17 years selling The Mountain tees, we have decided not to restock these products. Once sold, these designs will not be available again from T-Shirtsauce Australia.

This t-shirt has the Australian Flag with BLOODY OATH! written across the top. This one is labelled 3XL, we measured it to fit Australian 2XL realistically.

About The Mountain Brand T-Shirts: Specialising in hand dyed t-shirts and other apparel featuring finely detailed animal prints, Native imagery and fantasy designs, The Mountain are world renowned when it comes to quality of both t-shirt and print. We carry the entire range of environmentally friendly t-shirts from The Mountain with some of the most beautiful designs you will ever find on adults and children's clothing.

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